Piston rings is small parts in engine located between the cylinder and the piston. Usually, piston rings consists of 3 rings, which are top ring, second ring, and oil ring. They have four major function to ensure the engine to operate efficiently.

Piston rings on engine

About Piston Rings

Piston rings seal the cylinder so that combustion gas generated at the time of ignition does not leak. It is very crucial for piston rings to make sure that there are no leak of gas to secure output power and maintain fuel consumption of engine.

Function 1 : Compression gas sealing

Lubrication oil between cylinder and piston rings has important role in the move of engine because the piston goes up and down inside engine at a rate of several thousand times per minute. Piston rings control the amount of oil to keep the friction small so the piston can move smoothly.

Function 2 : Lubricating oil film control

The temperature inside a piston during gas ignition could reach as high as 300°C. If this heat accumulated inside the piston, the engine may get damaged. Piston rings transfer the heat from piston to cylinder to prevent damage to engine.

Function 3 : Heat transfer

Piston rings prevents the piston from knocking on the cylinder wall to maintain the move of piston goes smoothly.

Function 4 : Support piston in the cylinder